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When you hire an attorney to provide criminal defense, you should feel confident that your lawyer has the knowledge and commitment to your case to make a difference. No matter how complex your case is, the representation you receive should make you feel like you are the biggest priority in the office.

At the Gulfport law office of Albert L. Necaise, we know how important any federal or state criminal law case is for the client involved. We have more than 45 years of proven and successful legal practice serving clients throughout Mississippi. Contact our office by e-mail or call 228-284-4086 for a consultation. We offer the kind of client service and attention you would expect from a small-town, country lawyer with the strength and ability to be effective in your case.

Big-Town Ability — Small-Town Approach

State criminal law addresses a wide range of cases, and, as a criminal defense firm, we have spent decades building a reputation for success in these venues. We fully review your case, examine the evidence against you, review relevant legal questions, interview witnesses and put in consistent effort designed to provide you with the best defense possible.

Attorney Albert Necaise and our staff work every day to provide strong defense and outstanding service for clients in cases involving:

We also work with clients to remove past criminal records by expunging charges that were previously convictions or arrests. Whether you have felony charges or simple misdemeanors, we will strive to achieve your goals.

Drug Crime Defense Lawyer — Harrison County

When you are facing charges in state criminal law or are being investigated for a crime, time can be an important factor. The longer you wait to involve a lawyer in your defense, the more opportunity that law enforcement and prosecutors have to build a case against you and to aggressively pursue harsh penalties. Rely on a state criminal law attorney whom clients across Southern Mississippi have relied on for decades.

We also help those who have children who have committed crimes. Juvenile court has a different legal structure than other courts, and it takes a knowledgeable juvenile attorney to properly defend your child’s rights.

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